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Fluid Style Survey

What to expect 

First of all it's important to note that this Style Survey is entirely OPTIONAL. 


It will help us to get your vital stats which will then enable us to offer a more bespoke styling service based on your proportions. 


However, if you're not comfortable sharing your personal information we totally get it - Fluid Styling is for you and we will work with the information that you are comfortable sharing 

We send you the link to the Fluid Style Survey 

This is a webform on our website - it should be relatively simple but we are here if you have any questions 



You complete the online form


Provide as much information as you're comfortable with - skip a question if it doesn't work for you.

We can style you entirely without this info it just helps us to be clear on your proportions and what might look good as an outfit option 

We do our thing 

If you decide to share this info, we'll use it to help start building your bespoke styling offer and creating your personal Fluid Moodboard 


You Relax

And wait for your Fluid Virtual Connection Consultation where we'll spend time talking about the stuff that matters. 

Find out more about your

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