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Fluid Personal Shopping

What to expect 

We'll meet you in your chosen shopping area and explain how the session will flow, work through what to expect and get thoughts from you on areas of focus



We'll build outfits and looks based on what you need to feel great. We're not interested in 'men's and women's' sections. We'll support you and give you the confidence to shop the clothes that work for you 



Fluid Community

We'll invite you to join our Fluid Community for tips on inclusive styling 

We'll take you shopping in London for 3 hours. We'll go to the shops that suit your authentic self. We will curate your shopping experience to match the things that you told us about you during our Fluid Connection. We'll support you in going into shops or sections in which you may not usually feel comfortable - we've got your back.

Keeping it Fluid

We'll discuss whether you'd like to continue your Fluid journey with a Fluid Wardrobe Edit, follow up appointment or personal shopping session. 


Follow up Style Questions 

Forgotten something? Want to ask a follow up question? 

You'll get 1 months access to our stylists for any follow up or clarifying questions on your Fluid Styling experience 

Find out more about your

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