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Our Inspiration

We are Angie and Anna.

- Angie is a stylist with over 20 years experience in fashion and personal styling.

- Anna is a person who very much needed help finding her style  


Here is the story of why we founded Fluid Styling and why we think it's important 

Fluid Styling and Angie - Stylist 

Clothes shouldn't mean everything but sometimes how you feel about your style can change things. Your authentic look is unique to you and can represent you in a way that is profoundly personal. 

I have a deep understanding and experience of the emotional connection between style and identity. 

I am here to help you to ease yourself out of your comfort zone (or your uncomfortable zone) and help you to experiment with your look and how it makes you feel. 

I have over 10 years of experience in personal styling and founded Fluid Styling as an opportunity to work with clients who are looking for both the styling advice and emotional connection that changing your look needs. 

Dressing to fit your identity and live your authentic look can be a big change. I am here to take away the stress, support you in your journey and shop in the places that you feel you belong. 

I will tailor your Fluid Styling experience to suit you, give you the tools to continue developing your wardrobe and the confidence to be you and wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

I'm relaxed, won't push you, won't tell you how to feel and will listen without judgement to everything you tell me about your future look. 

Fluid Styling means the world to me and I'm super excited to help you find your authentic look. 

Fluid Styling and Anna - One of Angie's many style triumphs

I don't enjoy shopping, I love clothes but I hate the noise, the chaos and the infinite options, none of which seem to fit me. I get stressed out, over stimulated and end up coming home with a selection of ill fitting t shirts.

My legs are too long for women's  trousers and men's trousers that fit comfortably are hard to find.

I feel hideously uncomfortable in dresses but sometime want to mix up my look.

Most of all, I want to be comfortable and feel like me.


Angie understands this like no one else. She listens to me and finds what truly suits me. She doesn't expect things of me and she helps me to dress for my mood, occasion and vibe.

My motivation for partnering with Angie to found Fluid Styling is the desire to share Angie's magic with the world. I was always wary of stylists as I was worried that they would judge me, try and put me in a shift dress or generally act like a fashion diva and make me feel excluded from a secret club that I don't understand. Angie does none of this. She makes me comfortable, embraces my look and helps me to dress me.

It's because of this that I truly believe in Fluid Styling and what we offer. 

PS don't worry, I have no involvement in the styling, that's all Angie! I will make sure you're booked in, sorted out and that your Fluid Styling experience is seamless from start to finish.  

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