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Fluid Style Survey

Help Us get to know you. 

Please complete this survey to enable us to get as much info on your vital stats before we meet virtually on your Fluid Connection Consultation.


Providing this basic info means that we can spend quality time on the conversation when we meet online.


The reason we ask for specific sizing information for our Personal Shopping Service is to enable us to pre select some items before we meet. If you are uncomfortable with this option that is totally fine, we can just select all the items together.  

We ask for men's and women's sizing as we shop in both sections if that works for you. So if you'd like us to explore both sections for the right fit for you, please provide sizing for both. E.g. if you are a medium in women's but a small in men's pop that down. No worries if you don't know. Just leave it blank and mention it when we meet online. 

Thanks for submitting!

See you on your Virtual Connection Consultation 

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